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All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Buildings
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Buildings
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Buildings

All Patio Design along with all its other services that can be professionally provided is able to construct timber buildings and conservatory bases for clients.

A lot of All Patio Design’s work does very often step into the realm of construction work as well as landscaping and garden design. It is very often easier to carry out a whole garden design using one company rather than having various different firms that can sometimes not communicate or schedule as well as they possibly might.

All Patio Design can of course supply competitively any sort of base required for your timber construction, whether it be just a small concrete or paving slab base for a shed or something required to be more robust; for example to take the weight of a Jacuzzi or small conservatory or indeed some stables as we have shown in our gallery to this section.

All Patio Design can erect if necessary from a flat pack provided by the client or indeed as with the stables shown construct from scratch and build to a bespoke requirement any sort of timber construction necessary.

All Patio Design / Landscapers in Chobham Woking Surrey and Berkshire / Stables & Timber Building ConstructionAll Patio Design will also ensure that the base or footings necessary are up to the relevant building regulations standard and also work with the local authority on building regulation control to ensure that any garden or outbuilding construction is carried out to the required standard to pass all requirements and receive a certificate of completion.

The timber buildings All Patio Design construct will need water to be fed to them for some domestic usage or indeed in the event of stables simply water for horses. This again is something All Patio Design can supply and function for clients without any problems and connect to any areas required.

Small or large timber constructions that All Patio Design are involved with will more often than not require electric supplied to the building, this will usually only entail digging as with the water a small trench to run a cable along, deep enough so it is not unearthed with normal garden usage, and then connected up at both ends using a qualified electrician, to ensure that the work is done correctly and is local authority compliant and can be provided with a certificate to qualify that fact. Again, All Patio Design can help along with the design process and be part of a larger garden design or obviously simply provide the construction as a one off requirement in the garden area.

All Patio Design can also provide bases for conservatories taking part in all of the work necessary up to the level from which the fitters can take over to complete the glass, plastic and roof construction. This is always constructed following an already supplied detailed drawing agreed by the local authority and supplied by the client or conservatory company.

Another useful service within this field of expertise that All Patio Design can provide is to move timber buildings. Very often people move house or find a second hand building and need it to be dismantled and erected elsewhere, All Patio Design can come out and look at the logistics of such an operation and give a cost to the client to see whether the work is viable or a new building may be more cost effective, although very often moving a timber building is less than its original cost.

The added bonus again with All Patio Design is that the work will flow and whatever building has been erected the groundwork and landscaping will continue so the building will fit in quickly with its surroundings and no other contractors or firms will be necessary to complete the construction undertaken allowing the project to be completed quickly and efficiently.

So please feel free to call All Patio Design to cost out any garden timber construction work from a shed base, stables or indeed a conservatory base, the team will be happy to undertake the work at a competitive rate and carry out the work cleanly and efficiently.