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All Patio Design | Commercial

All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Commercial
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Commercial
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Commercial
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Commercial

All Patio Design can work on a commercial basis also. The pictures shown in this section show the landscaping and patio work carried out by All Patio Design under the commercial umbrella.

All Patio Design not only can provide an excellent landscaping service with patios created, brick walls, driveways and turfing along with all the clearance required to produce a landscaping product it can also provide a high standard of brickwork and groundwork services.

All Patio Design can within its workfield carry out building work which will cover work from putting the footings in for an extension then the oversight and construct all the way up to plate. This is a service All patio Design can provide for commercial clients or indeed private individuals.

The landscaping and patio work is not the only areas of expertise that All Patio Design can supply.

We can work on brickwork as part of a team of bricklayers or take on the work as a whole. All Patio Design can fit in with whatever the architect or householder requires and can help with the construction work towards the end product.

The All Patio Design team are very clean with their brickwork and conscientious.

All Patio Design/ Landscapers in Chobham Woking Surrey and Berkshire / CommercialThe work depicted shows commercial mobile park home owner who in developing his site required All Patio Design to completely remove all the old elements of the site.

In some cases All Patio Design has provided a new base for the new home sited then once in position the rest of the site is landscaped by All Patio Design.

All Patio Design has carried out many landscaping projects along this basis and the work involves all the aspects in the field of work that All Patio Design provides. These small homes have required All Patio Design to remove all the old existing landscaping and provide brickwork around the bottom of the homes. Also paths have to be created out of paving and solid steps to be able to enter the home.

Driveways also have to be constructed as part of the commercial project. The driveways are constructed as per our driveway section and usually out of block paving.

The work All Patio Design does can also involve machinery All Patio Design can also operate and hire machinery to cope with the project at hand. Most commercial or large landscaping projects will all include driveway construction or large patio construction this will entail the use of diggers and dumpers. All Patio Design is qualified and able to operate any machinery needed to carry out the project of paving, driveway construction, landscaping or building.

So All patio Design can work in the commercial field. All Patio Design is insured with Public Liability Insurance so whatever the project the landscaping, driveway, brickwork or whole extension can be carried out with the knowledge that landscaping and building work is not only going to be provided with the utmost quality but also carried out under the umbrella of a fully insured team.

So whether it may be a small or large project in a landscaping field including patios, driveways, paths, decking or fencing. Or indeed the work includes the groundwork side of things for footings dug out and poured all the way up to the brickwork being constructed up to plate height. Then give All Patio Design a call and we can look at the project you require and work on providing a competitive cost for the landscaping or building work that is required.