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All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Driveways
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Driveways
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Driveways
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Driveways

All Patio Design specialises in drives of all sizes and many different materials.

Some driveways can be constructed out of the same materials as patios, even the current craze of Indian natural stone can be used in its varying colours and sizes.

The most common driveways are landscaped using blocks, these can be the cheaper landscape blocks of one size that can be fitted together in various patterns or landscape blocks that vary in size and colour. These landscape blocks can be found in any builders merchants or stone centres. There are many different companies that produce these landscaping products, so it can be a bit of a landscaping minefield to choose.

However usually the personal taste of the client, the cost of the landscaping products and the cost of the landscaping process will generally point to a small number of landscaping choices therefore making not too difficult a decision to choose the driveway material.

All Patio Design/ Landscapers in Surrey and Berkshire/DrivewaysShingle driveways also are a common material to landscape a drive out of, shingle drives are usually edged with a landscape material specifically for this. Either brick, stone or concrete edgings . these landscape materials for driveways can again be found in any builders merchants locally under their landscape section and can be chosen on look or cost effectiveness.

Also there are many different sorts of landscaping driveway shingles to choose from. These again vary in cost, size and colour to adorn your driveway. These various sorts of landscape materials will be available from your local landscape stockist. All Patio Design can help to point you in the right direction to find the landscape products you need to help you choose the landscape products that most suit your home.

The design as always is very important in landscaping a driveway, and as with patios there must a consideration towards the elements, no one would like a driveway out of whatever material that holds water. It is vital in the design process of landscaping a driveway that it is considered how the rainwater and carwashing water will drain from the area landscaped. As always the water must flow away from the house and not build up anywhere or channelled into a soakaway.

Also fundamental when landscaping a driveway or indeed patio, is to consider if a power supply is required to go underneath to a shed or pond or lighting or indeed if water is required so these can be sorted out before landscaping commences. It is also fundamental to ensure that the correct construction techniques are used to ensure that particularly block driveways do not move, so to ensure a long life for the driveway. These processes can be looked at in detail in our ‘about us’ section under construction techniques. This will guide the client through the correct landscaping process for all our landscaping product range.

So for any sort of landscaping driveway costing give All Patio Design a call for a consultation and then costing for all your driveway needs.