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Garden Maintenance

All Patio Design/ Landscapers in Surrey and Berkshire/Garden MaintenanceAll Patio Design can help out with garden maintenance. All Patio Design is a company capable with along with all the other aspects of landscaping and patio work to get gardens back into shape that have been neglected so all the hard work necessary to clear an overgrown garden can be done. All Patio Design can prune trees correctly and roses along with all other shrubs but also cut hedges and clear away all the debris this causes. We can help to get lawns back into condition as well which can be done with the usual treatments of chemicals.

All Patio Design can also also provide an autumn service where All Patio Design can sort the garden out to keep it in good condition over the winter months so stopping lawns and shrubs being smothered by leaves.

All Patio Design can also provide a winter bedding service if necessary and bulb planting service so that spring can look good with bulbs then follow on to summer bedding service which can add to the look and beauty of a garden through the summer.

All Patio Design can provide a regular and reliable service all through the year to keep your garden in tip top condition for a reasonable and competitive cost.

So call All Patio Design to take over an existing garden in good condition or indeed get a garden back from years of neglect which will obviously take more time but is rewarding to see to come to fruition.

Also being a landscaping firm All Patio Design can assist with any heavier landscaping work which may crop up to do obviously with patios or driveway maintenance and brickwork repointing. All Patio Design can also take care of harder structures in the garden area and redo smaller jobs in the garden to do with patios and drives and paths that it can be hard to find firms to undertake being so small works but equally important.