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All Patio Design | Ponds, Waterfalls & Rockeries

All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Ponds Waterfalls & Rockeries
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Ponds Waterfalls & Rockeries
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Ponds Waterfalls & Rockeries

All Patio Design has been landscaping for over 30 years and part of that work has always involved ponds, waterfalls, streams and fountains.

Very often ponds and waterfalls have had their day and need a rebuild, as water constantly freezing and thawing over winters will have affected the waterfall and pond’s ability to hold water.

Most ponds needing attention have to be rebuilt almost from scratch, because the methods of building ponds these days are different from many years ago or if built using modern techniques then maybe just small adjustments can be made to get the pond functioning.

Garden ponds can be created for many reasons, one of those is to keep Koi fish which many people enjoy doing. For this a good filter is required to keep water clean and clear and a good reliable pump to circulate the water through the filter.

The garden ponds can also double up not just as a fish tank but also as an attractive feature for people to enjoy in their gardens.

All Patio Design/ Landscapers in Chobham Woking Surrey and Berkshire / Ponds, Waterfalls & RockeriesThe sound of running water can be quite soothing and watching the fish swimming around can be quite pleasant on summer evenings.

The garden ponds these days are made from a rubber substance called butol which can come in any size required to line the hole you have made for it to go into.

The beauty of this substance is that even if it does get a hole in it, it can be simply repaired with a puncture repair kit.

The way in which All Patio Design creates the ponds and waterfalls ensures that if they are not formal garden ponds then they can look as natural as possible so that none of the liner we use can be seen in the garden pond’s appearance so leaving it looking as natural as possible.

Another way to create this is to plant out the pond which would be considered before the garden pond construction so to create an aesthetically pleasing result. This would entail leaving some of the areas so that marsh plants can be placed and deeper parts so that lilies can be allowed to grow and flourish.

All Patio Design can create a design from scratch and supply all the necessary electrics and then wire them up along with the filters and pumps that may be required. Also All Patio Design can supply and fit lighting to enable to enjoy the enjoyment of the garden pond to go way into the evening if required.

Ponds unfortunately do need maintenance along with the rest of the garden you may have created. Most people can carry this out themselves or if required All Patio Design can regularly maintain your pond during the summer months.

Very often garden ponds can get overgrown as the pond plants can grow very quickly and will need pulling out to restore a good balance. Also the filters on the pond and pond pumps need cleaning to keep the water flowing well, also the garden pond filters themselves do need cleaning out so that they can remain efficient.

Fountains very often do come in a kit form and can be bought from various suppliers depending on your taste, there are lots to choose from but as with everything it is best to go and have a look at your purchase before buying, as if you buy from the internet it may look different when it arrives.

Once purchased these kits are usually simple to put together. They will usually require a base which will need to be substantial if having a good size feature. Instead of using a butol liner these features are usually painted on the inside with a waterproof paint to hold the water, this does last a long time usually. Again, All Patio Design can carry out all the work necessary to wire the pump , filter and lights if needed.

The larger more natural ponds can be created if required, this can entail just digging a hole with a machine and using the machine to landscape the area around with the surplus soil. This can happen when the water table is high enough so that the pond fills with water naturally not needing any artificial liner to retain the water. Clay can be imported if required instead of a liner and spread around the edges of the hole dug and this will do the same job as a liner would if required.

Ponds or lakes of this size need usually to be filled from a natural water source nearby and kept topped up with the same method. If you require a large pond or lake sometimes planning permission is required and it is always best to contact your local authority to ascertain as to whether your project requires local authority consent or not. Ponds of this size usually have a huge wildlife value, not just planting the pond out inside for wildlife but also considering the banks and how its going to fit in with the garden project as a whole or a wildlife feature on its own.

Whatever the requirement you have in this area call All Patio Design as we are competitively priced and experienced to carry out any project that a client can present for a costing, or indeed as always All Patio Design can help out to produce a useful design to fit into your existing garden or landscaping from scratch.