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All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Turfing
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Turfing
All Patio Design Landscaper Chobham Woking Surrey / Turfing

All Patio Design has a high degree of knowledge when it comes to turfing. It is usually again part of a process which usually consists of a landscape garden project which would entail taking a whole garden and completely renovating it to a fully restored landscaped garden.

The area being turfed usually has already been neglected with long grass which must be strimmed off or bare patches worn where the rest of the landscaping garden project has made the lawn bare.

All Patio Design once finding the condition of the area can then set about landscape work to improve the site to be turfed.

If the area has long grass on it then it must be strimmed off and then rotavated over so that the soil is broken up into a fryable consistency so that it can easily be raked.

All the old grass and roots must be raked off and cleared, so that the soil can be raked around as required to produce a good garden landscape effect. All Patio Design rake the area so it should have no large dips or humps so that the area being turfed will look smooth and even.

All Patio Design/ Landscapers in Surrey and Berkshire / TurfingAll Patio Design then will tread the area down to firm up the soil, but not too much so as to compact it, then lay the turf in a staggered fashion.

All Patio Design does not use chemical sprays to kill grass as we believe just as good landscape result can be achieved with little more landscaping work required. All Patio Design also believes in not using chemical sprays as often as possible, but is realistic enough to know that sometimes there is no other option.

Once All Patio Design has carried out the clearing, rotavating and treading down of the area the next process is clearly to purchase and lay the turf.

All Patio Design purchases top quality weed treated turf of a seed mix which will suit the client. There are many different types of grasses which can be used to finish off the landscaped garden. Generally All Patio Design provide a good, hard wearing rye mix which will deal with drought well and pedestrian traffic.

All Patio Design of course can prepare and lay turf for other requirements , not often asked for but All Patio Design can provide the right process and soil type and turf for a bowling green lawn if required. For this All Patio Design would have to go through the same process as with any other lawn but depending on soil type and variety of bowling lawn turf would need to consider whether to supply and rotavate in sharp sand and peat to increase drainage but also at the same time to increase moisture retention to allow the turf to do its best.

All Patio Design also is aware that in recent times many more people are conscious of their natural habitat, therefore many people require an area to be prepared for either wildlife seed mix or for an actual wild seed mixed turf. All Patio Design can provide other seed types that will flourish in shady conditions, which will be useful very often when needing grass to grow under trees and the side of buildings etc. the turf must be laid so that the turf edges are together and the horizontal joints do not line up, this will reduce the time required for the lawn to ‘take’. To get the best landscape result the lawn must not be allowed to dry out otherwise the new lawn will die and shrivel up and all the garden landscape work done by All Patio Design will be wasted. The only cure for this is to returf as it will take forever for a dried out turf lawn to recover.

So please call All Patio Design for as small an area or large for a cost to returf your tired lawn or to include in your main garden landscaping project.